New York: Day 3 & 4


On our third day in New York I got my first glimpse of New York in the snow. After spending a good 20 minutes admiring the blanketed rooftops I pulled on some clothes and headed to the Starbucks down the road for breakfast, not before stopping to take a few photos along the way!


A hour or so later it turned rainy so not wanting to venture too far we headed to Madam Tussauds. To be honest this wasn’t really my cup of tea and more something that Tom wanted to do but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I had an amazing orange slush and discovered I have the same size hands as Victoria Beckham…so there’s that?

For lunch we headed to Shake Shack where I ordered cheese fries and the hot dog. Believe it or not it was my first time visiting and although the cheese fries were seriously tasty I’d definitely try the hamburger next time. I also got a fanta red grape which was deeeesgusting. When in Rome…

Earlier that day we’d got tickets to a comedy show from a ticket tout on the streets. You do get a lot of people pestering you but it’s worth listening sometimes as this can be the best way to find some of the hidden gems in the city as we soon discovered. The guy we met also gave us a handy tip about an app called Today Tix (more on that on my next blog post)! The show was a good 45 minutes away so we headed back to the hotel and I plotted all the things on our list that were on the way as well as making a reservation for dinner that night. I suggested that we try and fit in Byrant Park, Grand Central, Macy’s, dinner and the show. I’m tired just thinking about it!

Bryant Park was pretty flooded but that didn’t stop us jumping in and out of all the stalls. With the Christmas tree in the distance it really was like a scene from a Christmas film. Of course, our favourite stall was one that served food and I got a Nutella crepe and Tom chose the dark chocolate and hazelnut one. YUM! They also served some wonderful yet wacky creations such as maple bacon fries, nutella fries, pizza fries, etc etc.Must try some next time!


After making a whistle stop tour at Grand Central Station we headed to Macy’s and then Victoria Secrets. It wasn’t much cheaper than in the UK but I did get a free throw which has come in very handy for those cosy nights on the sofa!

From VS we headed to Don Antonio where I got the enchiladas and Tom went for the fajitas. I also ordered an extra side of guacamole because what is Mexican food without guacamole? Don Antonio is a family run restaurant and both the service and food were very authentic. I’d definitely recommend. Next, we headed to the comedy show. I can’t remember the exact figure but I think the tickets were around $20 each but then you have to buy 2 drinks whilst watching the show. These are around $15 each so the ‘true’ entry price is around $50. I’d still highly recommend it as we were both in stitches all night and it’s just a really good way to spend a night in New York and not something I think is that well known to people visiting. Seriously, seek those touts out and get yourself there for some serious belly laughs – we went to the New York Comedy Club on 24th Street.


Finally we got an Uber home and as you can image, slept like a log!